Planned Maintenance Service

For Garage Door Service and Sales:

Planned maintenance services offered by the industry professionals at Overhead Door of Southern Ontario will keep your doors and loading docks operating at the highest level of performance.

Expert Door and Dock Leveler Maintenance Services

Having your door or dock leveler break down can cost your business through expensive repairs and downtime at your facility resulting in lost production and profits. Regular maintenance and inspection will keep your doors working efficiently through all seasons.

The door and dock specialists at Overhead Door will provide the expertise, top-quality service and replacement parts you need to keep your facility running.

Our installation service includes the door itself, track, cables, springs, hinges, handles, locks and rollers. We inspect all parts, make adjustments to fit your specific garage door opening and service all elements during the installation process. We also provide keypad installation, as well as keypad training.

Scheduled Maintenance Services Save You Time and Money

Reducing or eliminating door breakdowns can reduce your operating costs when utilizing PDI door maintenance services options. Any production or shipping /receiving downtime can be reduced when the door maintenance is scheduled and repairs caught before any emergency repairs are required.

The Standard Door and Dock Leveler Maintenance Services Offered Include:

  • Inspection of all moving parts
  • Minor adjustments if required
  • Lubrication of all parts
  • Tightening of any loose moving parts
  • Topping up any fluid levels

After door inspections are complete any recommended repairs by our experienced door service technicians will be quoted by our sales team to get your door back into optimum operating condition.

24 HR Emergency Services

Our door and dock leveler service department runs a 24 HR on call service and we will be at your location quickly and ready to take care of your emergency service needs.                                                                                             


Whatever contaminants are found outside of the plant will try to get inside the plant, especially insects, rodents, birds and windborne microbes contained on dust particles. These hazards can be minimized and kept under control with the proper weather-strip and sealing on all types of doors and dock levelers.

Truck loading dock areas and doors are an important consideration when it comes to prevention of contamination, they are the first line of defense in a HACCP certified facility. Loading dock doors can have a brush and rubber combination seal installed fully around the door perimeter to keep rodents and insects from entering your facility.

Pedestrian doors around the perimeter and dividing areas of the plant also must be protected from pest and particles from entering the facility and the professionals at Overhead Door SWO can take care your pedestrian door sealing requirements.

Dock leveler plates should be weather-stripped discouraging rodents and insects from entering the leveler pit and up through the space between the plate and the inside floor by installing brush weather-strip along the plate edges.

Door Maintenance Package for All Types of Doors and Docks

Special inspection rates are available with all of our weather strip packages to keep your door in top condition just ask our service or sales departments for full details

For more information or questions about how our sales and service departments can help you with your door and dock seal needs just call us at 519-350 8091


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We have the experience and expertise to keep your garage or commercial door running smoothly, safely and efficiently. Whether you’re looking for a product installation, help with a repair or regular maintenance to keep your garage door in the best shape, we can help.


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Our service technicians are professional, friendly and ready to help. Plus as an Overhead Door™ distributor, you can rest assured that every member of our team is trained and knowledgeable. Call us for all of your service needs!

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